Cost of Solar

Start saving now by investing in solar

What do solar panels cost?

The cost of solar has gone down over the past 5 years. With the help of the federal government Income Tax Credit (ITC) and PACE financing, the net cost of purchasing solar has dropped by over 50%. Our team of Energy Consultants will evaluate how many panels will work best for you and your family.

How do I know how many panels I need on my house?

There are many factors to consider when determining the size of the solar system we recommend, including:

  • Evaluation of annual electric usage
  • How big of a roof space your panels can be placed on
  • How much of your electricity you would like to replace
  • How much of your roof is in the sun


What's the cost to get started?

With new innovative financing the cost to put a solar system on your house can be almost $0.

How low can my utility bill go?

Our goal is to make sure you send the least amount of money to the utility company. Depending on how much electricity you want to producer, your bill can go down to almost $0.


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