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Skyline Energy Savers Inc., a family business owned by Mort and Catrina Martin, was first established in 1988.

Our goal is to help home owners improve the comfort and beauty of their homes, and at the same time save on their energy bills.

We believe in doing everything we can to lower our utility costs and help our country become more oil independent.

We started back in the days when a new replacement, double pane window was created.  This was an exciting, new design of a window that could fit into the existing window frame like a drawer fits into the dresser.  Until then, windows could only be changed by tearing out the existing frame, ruining the vapor barrier, and installing the new window on the original wooden studs.  It was a mess!  Double pane windows were relatively new and home owners saw the benefit in replacing their old single pane windows.  We were happy to be part of this new energy revolution.

As time went by, we saw that home owners had other energy related needs. Great innovations were made in heating and air conditioning units.  Someone with a system 15 years old or more, could benefit greatly by replacing their old unit with the new 13, 15 and then 16 SEER air conditioners, as well as 80% to 95% efficient furnaces.  It was gratifying to hear that our customers were saving so much on their utility bills, and at the same time enjoying the comfort of their efficiently air conditioned homes.

But we didn’t stop there.  We wanted to help our customers take advantage of having a new roof, improved insulation, tankless water heaters and whole house fans.  All of these home improvements help our customers as well as the environment.

Then along came solar… one of the most exciting home improvements ever!  We can actually create, with the help of the sun, our own electricity.  Every home, where sun can shine on the roof, should have solar photovoltaic panels to capture this free power.  Solar was quite expensive for the average home owner until just the last few years.  Silicon farms are now prevalent all over the world and the cost of solar panels is half the price it used to be.  Government tax credits and utility company rebates have also helped to make solar more than affordable!

Our world is changing with amazing inventions in home improvements.  We love being part of this ever-changing cycle.  We love being in a business where we can help people save energy and at the same time enjoy more comfort and security.  We are happy to play a small part in improving this beautiful world we live, and located in El Dorado Hills we are here to help!

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       -Mort and Catrina Martin

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