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Energy costs in California are skyrocketing! California's energy costs are one of the highest in the nation. Utility costs have gone up more than 200% since 2001, and they will continue to rise.

Now is the time to make energy improvements to your home. Change out old Windows, HVAC units, Insulation; and add a Tankless Water Heater and a Whole House Fan, with no money down! You can even install new Solar Panels with huge savings. A new roof will improve the appearance of your home and at the same time, act as a barrier against heat and cold.

How is this possible? You're already spending thousands every year with PG&E, SMUD, TID, MID or other energy providers. Let the savings from improving your old home pay for the upgrades! Skyline Energy Savers' low prices and great financing make this possible! Let our representatives come by and show you how. Call us at 1-800-993-2773 to schedule an appointment.


Residential Solar Panel Installation

Skyline Energy Savers Solar Install Division has successfully installed thousands of solar electric power, solar pool heating, and solar domestic hot water heating systems for homeowners in Sacramento, Roseville, Granite Bay, and other cities throughout California, Nevada, and Hawaii. Skyline Energy Savers Solar Install Division commitment to providing extraordinary products and service remains to be our focus!

Residential Solar Panels Sacramento


Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Skyline Energy Savers Commercial Solar Install Divsion has a primary goal of providing your business with an energy solution that helps reduce or eliminate your monthly energy bills while providing clean, reliable power that pays back your initial investment many times over.

Commercial Solar Panels Sacramento

Skyline Energy Savers Now Featuring specials on Solar Panel Installations

Commercial Solar Panel Installations: Fix your short-term energy rates and reduce long-term operating costs with solar and renewable energy solutions that pay for themselves again and again.

  • Discover how we can help to install Commercial Solar Panels at business in Sacramento. Solar Installations

Residential Solar Panel Installations: Increase the value of your home and dramatically reduce or eliminate your monthly power bill. Skyline Energy Savers Solar Installation Divison and our growing commitment to green technology will ensure that your panels are installed correclty the first time. We have installed more than 3 MW of solar electric generating capacity and thousands of solar pool heating and solar domestic hot water heating systems throughout California.

  • Skyline Energy Savers Residential Solar Panel installation Divison has an increasing commitment to providing complete, turn-key solutions in the following renewable energy technologies. Solar Installations

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